John, Catherine & Daniel O'Loughlin, Oct 16th. 1998

This web-site is dedicated to the O'Loughlins of Rathangan, Co. Kildare, Ireland, the Colgans of Portarlington, and all their relations.

This site is officially opened 1st January 2000.

In developing the site I am most grateful for the help given by many people, including my cousin Ted, for his financial assistance; Michael Flynn for permission to use his exhaustive research, beautifully published as the Flynn Family History; George Dempsey who provided invaluable information on the Colgan side of the family; and all those who helped with the information on the various other family details.

The decision to publish as a web site was made because of the flexibility of the medium. A booklet would have perpetuated the many mistakes which I'm sure have crept in. The web medium allows for continuous updating and for correction of erroneous entries.

Please therefore advise me immediately of any mistakes, miss-spellings, wrong dates, births marriages,deaths or any other material you may think relevant.Old or unusual family pictures would be welcome.I may be reached as follows:



Dunshane, Brannockstown, Naas, Co. Kildare.

Tel: 045 483633




I have used the "O'Loughlin" form of the name throughout for consistency, even though the "O' " only came in with the generations born from the 1930's onwards. There are also many spellings of the name in the Rathangan parish records: Locklin, Laughlin, Loklin etc. Our ancestors, or their priests, may not have been very literate.

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Brothers Keeper

The reports in this site were generated using an excellent program BROTHERS KEEPER available for download at

This is a shareware program which you may use on a trial basis. If you wish to receive the manual you must register with the author John Steed.

Install into the directory suggested by the setup program, probably c:\BK5.

Create a sub-directory c:\BK5\data.

I will e-mail the file to you on request. This file contains all the data collected to date.

This file is in .zip format and should be unzipped to c:\BK5\data.

Start Brothers Keeper and click FILE, OPEN DATABASE. Select location c:\BK5\data. The program should then run with the required data files.

Other Genealogy programs

A Gedcom file, which provides the same information as the data files above, can be imported into most other genealogy programmes. If you require this file, send me an e-mail at the above address I will attach a copy of the file with the reply.


(Please note that this is a site under development. Excuse errors and omissions. Dec 20 1999)